Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little Flower

I want you to know
Your tiny heart is perfect
And we hear you in our daydreams
Through the winds
And in ourselves.

You are in our place of love
Even if your hands and feet
Aren’t seen and touched
The way we want;
The way we wanted.

Now the gentle wings of angels
Fold around you,
Carry you with tenderness and care.

The days here are not simple;
The way they turn with
Magic and then sadness.
I don’t have a reason
For the pain,

But I do know love can lift us
When our safe world is undone,
When spirit flickers dim,
And nothing's fair.

We call them now;
The daffodils, the willow leaves, lush grass
The robin songs and rising suns
What healing we can find;
So that our spirits sing with you
And fly with your sweet grace.

~abigler 2014

photo credit: antonychammond via photopin cc

Monday, December 2, 2013

8 Points

It was sad to watch; your
Wild life ether
Tame; there on highway.
Eight points knocked off
Soft; fur like my dog.
A moment like that
Cold hand
Dark eyed lesson;
Slow down.

Is your life rushing on
In webs of thought
Slushy pasts
What if futures?

Be on the road; awake
As roads are shared
With those
Who do not see
Our armored rush.

Did you know life had value?
Yours and mine.
And also those who
Run and dream on
Paws and
Wings and

~abigler 2013

photo credit: jerbec via photopin cc

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Writer

She makes me angry.
Who can cut an edge finer than that?
Every word; my visceral heaven,
I eat them raw, to the hilt.

Who puts poems on screens anyway?
A digital mist; pixelated lake.
She lays hers on thick, linen sheets,
I press them like wax under flame, and she's

Possessed me.
She knows she burns;
The nightmares, the sacred.
I'll come back, crawling and spent.

The strike of the pen,
The creak of my heart.
Every page drowns me,
Her ink dredged revenge.


photo credit: Roger Smith via photopin cc

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I rattled all the chains
in the old kingdom
thinking I was wind
or dirt, or rain

a ghost

in the miles thick earth
a whisper stoked
by worms or armored friends

the bark fed climb
and I'll be rising
find me calling
fresh, reborn

~abigler 2013

photo credit: Anita363 via photopin cc

Saturday, August 10, 2013

18 Summers (for Audrey)

There have been 18 lovely summers

Think of all the beaches where you walked
And how the sand tucks between toes
The salt air scent

The world can make you new
In any moment
Wake and spread your fingers
Towards the sun

Just start again
That is the trick
To keep on moving

May the path unfold before you
Clear and shining
Like your heart

May you feel her sworn protection
Nourished roots, the warming wind
Her gentle peace among the waves and rain

May your breath carry you through
Along with your clear vision
and your heart and light and strength

May purest love surround you
A centered, fluid flame
Inside and out

May you laugh and smile and dance
May you take the time for peace
and brilliant dreams

May you speak all of your truths
And sing your songs
May you let yourself be seen
For all your light

May you love and be loved back
In balance and in care
The treasures of the spirit
Shining through

There have been 18 lovely summers
Or beats of the world heart
Or years of the great earth
Where we've been blessed

Today you start again
Another turn towards the sun
That life heart dance

~ abigler2013

photo credit: ashley rose, via photopin cc

Monday, July 22, 2013


If she could think herself sane
She would follow god maps
To clean, tempered planes
Even-keeled, deepening rests.

She'd soften her mind
On grass-fed rains
Her feet pressed
In long settled earth.

Maybe there is a way.

Sometimes the paint
Sticks to her skin
Long after the brush
Pushes in.

Perhaps she drenched herself
There in the flecks
Where she can be colors
And rays.

And you wonder how
She imagined
How she swept through
The taut pain.

If she could breath out
Through the frame
She would sing
And you would believe
She was sane.

photo credit: deflam via photopin cc