Saturday, August 10, 2013

18 Summers (for Audrey)

There have been 18 lovely summers

Think of all the beaches where you walked
And how the sand tucks between toes
The salt air scent

The world can make you new
In any moment
Wake and spread your fingers
Towards the sun

Just start again
That is the trick
To keep on moving

May the path unfold before you
Clear and shining
Like your heart

May you feel her sworn protection
Nourished roots, the warming wind
Her gentle peace among the waves and rain

May your breath carry you through
Along with your clear vision
and your heart and light and strength

May purest love surround you
A centered, fluid flame
Inside and out

May you laugh and smile and dance
May you take the time for peace
and brilliant dreams

May you speak all of your truths
And sing your songs
May you let yourself be seen
For all your light

May you love and be loved back
In balance and in care
The treasures of the spirit
Shining through

There have been 18 lovely summers
Or beats of the world heart
Or years of the great earth
Where we've been blessed

Today you start again
Another turn towards the sun
That life heart dance

~ abigler2013

photo credit: ashley rose, via photopin cc

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